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Here you can read what people I have worked with have to say…

Some testimonials I asked for, others were spontaneously offered. They are featured in the language they were written in (thanks to energy not being limited by time and space and modern technology, my international clients and I can connect long distance in English, French and Italian). In all cases, I have asked for permission to share.

If you have questions about us possibly working together, please get in touch.

I have been going to Sandra on and off for a couple of years now and I’ve got to say that it has been GREAT!  From the first moment I met Sandra I felt calm and as though I had found a long lost friend.  I was able to talk with her freely and with … Continue reading Sia – London, England

Sia – London, England

I contacted Sandra because of a bacterial infection in my heart. I was going to take medication to get rid of it. Sandra addressed this issue and while she worked, I felt heat and pulling in my heart. After the session, Sandra told me I had a dried crumpled residue in my heart as well … Continue reading Diane – London, England

Diane – London, England

Healing with Sandra was like a wave of fresh air.  It felt like a very powerful and at the same time very gentle alignment was happening to my whole body. I had severe shoulder pain at the time and during the healing it melted into a slight discomfort and at the end of the session … Continue reading Larisa Vakulina – Australia

Larisa Vakulina – Australia

When I first met Sandra I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from her session. I knew it involved healing although I wasn’t quite sure what that actually meant. My experience has been extraordinary. I have been able to look at myself from the inside out and that has enabled me to open up and … Continue reading Marianne – Italy

Marianne – Italy

Sandra felt like home right from the start. She truly saw me and guided me gently to where I was trying to go. The love I felt when I was with her in sessions was overflowing and just what I needed to have the courage to speak and be in my truth. I loved working … Continue reading Tallulah – Milan, Italy

Tallulah – Milan, Italy

   J’ai connu Sandra dans la communauté francophone d’Athènes mais à l’époque, je ne savais pas qu’elle avait entrepris une formation de Brennan Healing Science. En 2014, lors d’une rencontre, elle m’a proposé un soin sachant que je traversais une période difficile avec mes deux enfants suite à la séparation de mon couple. Ouverte à … Continue reading Anne – Athens, Greece

Anne – Athens, Greece

I hope my words equal the benefits I have received from my sessions with Sandra. She is a highly intuitive and empathic healer. Sandra has enabled me to pinpoint emotional energy blockages that I have kept buried for years and has taught me how to tune into and release the blockages…and that feels great!! I … Continue reading Michelle Murray – London, England

Michelle Murray – London, England

In today’s hurried world, everyone feels rushed, stressed or anxious at one point or another, often leading to negative symptoms in overall well-being. Issues from the past, too, can be carried forward to manifest into the physical discomforts of today. Such was the case with me and was why I sought to see Sandra. I’d … Continue reading Melinda – Milan, Italy

Melinda – Milan, Italy

When I am in Sandra’s healing hands, I am cocooned in safety, enveloped in kindness, and touched with Spirit. Even as she helps me relax, I also feel brighter and more alive and expanded as she works. Sandra has such heart, skill and depth. I trust her implicitly and consider anyone who shares her presence … Continue reading Liz – Madison, WI, USA

Liz – Madison, WI, USA

I was introduced to Sandra by a mutual friend and as it usually happens, her suggestion happened right at a time in my life where I felt great confusion and sort of blocked, especially creatively. I was also going through some health problems that seemed to linger even though I was doing my best to … Continue reading Giada – Italy

Giada – Italy

Once I had the following sentence in my diary “When emotional abuse is a norm to your body how do you teach it that it can feel different, that I can be safe?”. For a long time this question was left unanswered and the only thing I had with me was hope and intuition that … Continue reading Aleksandra – London, England

Aleksandra – London, England

Sono Wilma, una donna di 77 anni, abbastanza in buona salute, a parte il problema dell’ epatite C cronica e qualche ansia che definirei fisiologica per la mia età. Vorrei essere in grado di esprimere che cosa ha significato per me l’incontro con Sandra. L’ho sentita al primo contatto come una persona gentile, capace di … Continue reading Wilma – Milan, Italy

Wilma – Milan, Italy

     Mi chiamo Riccardo, ho 48 anni. Ho conosciuto Sandra perché un giorno è entrata nel mio negozio, e abbiamo iniziato a parlare. Lei ha capito, ha riconosciuto in me una persona presa dal lavoro e pensierosa per le scadenze. Mi ha fatto capire che non esiste solo il lavoro… per me è cambiato il … Continue reading Riccardo – Milan, Italy

Riccardo – Milan, Italy

As a fellow colleague, I had the privilege to work and train during 4 years with Sandra. I have to say that beyond her innate healing skills and her amazing high sense perception, Sandra holds a combination hard to achieve. While being naturally gentle and compassionate, she is likewise strong and direct, and not only will you get a HEALING experience, you will obtain a … Continue reading Nicolás Gordillo Holguin – Bogotá, Colombia

Nicolás Gordillo Holguin – Bogotá, Colombia

Something that has stood out to me while working with Sandra is her heart. She truly cares and has gone above and beyond to support me on my healing journey. Another attribute that Sandra brings into her sessions is her insight. Many times I have talked to Sandra about something I feel stuck with in … Continue reading Molly – Grafton, MA, USA

Molly – Grafton, MA, USA

After collecting some references, I contacted Sandra to work on health issues, lack of self-confidence, depression. I had a great need to rescue back my life balance. I was under heavy medication, with problems sleeping, feeling depressed, attached to destructive thoughts and in pain. All this resulted in a lack of balance in my life. … Continue reading WPL – London, England

WPL – London, England

You can be sure Sandra will help you. Thanks to her integrity and her professionalism you are in good hands. What I most enjoyed when she gave me a healing was the feeling of safety she offered me and her joy.

Tiphaine – Miami, USA

I was amazed by the depth of your touch! I felt that all of my being was being honoured. Even the parts of me that I was the most ashamed of were more than welcome and treated with the utmost respect – it was beyond what I had even imagined.

David – Quebec, Canada

I contacted Sandra during a very transformative period of my life brought on by the diagnosis of a congenital heart problem. My work with Sandra helped me navigate through some of my angst and fear about my symptoms. Sandra has been empathic, attentive and insightful about some of the more non-material dimensions of these experiences, … Continue reading Jason – London, England

Jason – London, England

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