Body Mind Therapy

IMG_2740Although the Western world still holds a semi-conscious belief that the human brain is the supreme ruling intelligence in our beings,  it is becoming increasingly widely accepted that the brain and body are in fact equal partners and that each and every body system, in fact every cell, has its own powerful intelligence.

Body-mind therapy appeals to the mind and the body; considering the physical, psychological and energetic aspects to an equal degree.

Body mind therapy allows us to tap into the body’s powerful knowlege and wisdom so that we may release trauma, fear, pain and access very young parts of ourselves that  might be steering our lives in an unwanted direction all in an attempt to keep us safe.

Oftentimes, we have perfected strategies that supported us for a while, but have now become counter-productive and yet they are so engrained it is difficult to shift them alone. Let me be on your team and guide you to new possibilities, to the life you want for yourself.

More often than not, slowing things down enough to listen to what is present, enables us to get in touch with crucial parts. Bringing them to light and being held in love and respect in those moments is sometimes enough for healing to happen.

In my experience, all we need is to be truly who we are, express exactly how we feel while being held in love and witnessed fully in that place for healing to happen. Body-mind therapy offers you the freedom to bring shadows into light in a nonjudgmental and supportive space. 

As of November 2020, one of the ways I will be offering Body-Mind therapy is using Myofascial Release.  This is a gentle hands-on and very impactful whole body treatment that allows the connective tissues of the body to release painful memories, stuckness, physical pain and constriction allowing them to find flow and fuller range of movement.

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