About me

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This is me in sunny Milan

I grew up in a multi-cultural family and lived in many different countries as a child and teenager. Although as a child, I perceived moving around the world as being sometimes painful and difficult, I have continued to choose a life of travel, adventure and multi-cultural exposure as an adult.

I have a background in marketing and communications and although my corporate life feels like it took place in another lifetime, it reflects my continued longing to connect to people of all walks of life, cultures and languages.

I am a Mum of two beautiful children and share my day-to-day with my wonderful husband. We have lived in several countries together: Geneva, Switzerland;  Izmir, Turkey;  Vienna, Austria;  Athens, Greece;  Milan, Italy;  London, United Kingdom;  and traveled to many more.   The world is an amazing place and we are curious and priviledged to discover its many gifts.

In the summer of 2017 I moved from Italy to England so I now have a practice in London where I see clients in person while I continue working long distance with my international clients or those who prefer receiving counseling and healing from the comfort of their homes using Phone or Zoom.  Please contact me if you would like to connect to see which format would suit you best or book a clarity session online .


Flowers on my bike

I love painting, traveling, dancing and singing under the shower and on my yellow bike. I love fresh flowers in my home and dried herbs from the garden in my kitchen and our food. I love hearing birds in the trees and waves on the beach, the smell of roses. I love the sky and it’s million facets. Yellow, fuchsia, green and blue are some of my favorite colours. I love dark chocolate, raspberries, watermelon and ice-cream. Peonies are my favorite flowers.

All of the photos** you see on this website were taken by me and all of the artwork made by me.

**Except the ones of me!

Formal training:

I  completed my training as a Neurosomatic psychotherapist (2021-22) at the  NAOS Institute in London, England which is a mouthful of a way of stating that I have an understanding of how neurological and somatic processes and inter-communication impact (and are impacted by) our life experiences. Although I work relationally, the autonomic nervous system and poly-vagal theory are a keen interest of mine as they truly explain how our body’s wonderful complexity and it’s mandate to keep us alive can sometimes get in the way of our modern day lives when trauma is still alive in our systems.

I am now enrolled in the Advanced Diploma in Neurosomatic Psychotherapy (2023-24) which focuses further on neuroplasticity and body-mind work while incorporating the transpersonal (deep-democracy) and process work (Arnold Mindell’s).

I practice therapy both supporting NHS clients online via The Awareness Centre and private clients via Riviera Wellbeing  as well as in my private practice online.

I am a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing (2013-17), trained to be a professionalBrennan Healing Science Practitioner Energy Healer. I also graduated from the two year Advanced Studies program  at the Brennan Institute of Oxford, U.K. as a Body Mind Psychotherapist and Brennan Integration Practitioner (2017-19) which means I am qualified to support and counsel students of the school where I also underwent Teacher Training.

I went on to train in One-to-One Process Facilitation & Group  Leadership at Inter-Connect-Me  (2020) and have completed several Theta Healing courses (Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Manifesting and Abundance, World Relations) with the lovely and talented Despina Lygnos.

Several decades after open heart surgeries due to being born with an atrial septal defect (a hole in the wall that divides the upper chambers of the heart), I was lucky to find myself in the skillful hands of Amanda Oswald who gave me some Myofascial Release thereby increasing my range of motion and reducing physical pain. I subsequently gained a diploma in Myofascial Release after training with her in this amazing and powerful modality in Leeds.

I continue to regularly broaden my horizons and knowledge by attending workshops and shorter trainings in various other modalities that I have either benefitted from or because they stimulate my curiosity and broaden my understanding and awareness of the human being, our pain and our potential.

To this day,  I have worked with clients in Greece, Italy, France, Spain, Iceland, Germany, Turkey, Monaco, Kuwait, the Caribbean Islands, Reunion Island, the UK and the USA* (to mention a few) on a variety of psychological, physical, spiritual challenges that led to transformational journeys for both of us. My youngest client was 9 years old and my oldest in her late seventies.

*(I work in English, French and Italian.)

94-1I am honored to be doing this work.  I am grateful to all my clients who allowed me to learn with them and deepen my skills and knowledge. I am enriched by them, by you.  Thank-you.

My mission is to guide and support you in your sacred journey of transformation to wholeness so that you may blast your unique shine into the world.

I look forward to working with you. Get in touch to ask a question, book a session or find out more.

I am immensely grateful to the Barbara Brennan School of Healing to it’s amazing staff and to the beautiful and heart opening community it has created across the world. You have all brought me so much and I feel lucky and blessed to have met, worked with, learned from you and danced with and among you.