merkhabaFrom the first moments in a physical body, (whether in this life-time or another) even in utero, whenever we go through an experience we perceive as “negative”, we defend from the pain or discomfort it causes us. Each one of us does this differently, some by blocking the emotions, pushing them down or away, freezing, distracting or avoiding.  Through these woundings we begin to form beliefs and as time goes by, we develop a habitual strategy of coping with these discomforts that becomes second nature to us (patterns both mental, emotional and physical).

While we may think that we are successfully avoiding the discomfort, the painful emotion does not actually go anywhere. Instead  blockages of encapsulated energy are created preventing the full flow of our life force (Chi or Prana). This results in the creation of unwanted patterns, disease or a sense of missing out on our own lives. Moreover, the distorted flow of our life force means we have a hard time manifesting that which we really want to create in our life.

You might have noticed a stuckness or a pattern in your life that feels “unavoidable” whether it is financial, in relationship or health related. Well, the truth is, you can shift this pattern, with a little help.

Our bodies and our lives are a treasure of information about (often subconscious) past trauma, limiting beliefs and patterns that might have been useful in the past but are no longer serving us in the present. A healer can help you gain awareness about these giving you an opportunity to release or transform them.

3B2AF4D7-CD15-4228-9734-909060051EDCHealing brings about a wholeness and a freedom that is missing as long as we are operating from an auto-pilot or survival mode. It creates shifts by removing blockages in the mind and body, clearing negative beliefs and re-balancing energy, thereby bringing about the possibility of a re-framing of old stories and setting the foundation for an openness to new possibilities in the present moment. As Dr. Barbara Ann Brennan said: All healing is coming home to the Self”  – the true, free self.

Healing allows us to retrieve parts of us that have been separated out of defense, bringing about peace of mind, wholeness and energy flow in the body which results in health.

If you feel a resonance, I am happy to schedule a phone call to connect.  You may also email me here or fill out a contact form.

I offer:
  • 1:1 sessions in person or on Skype/Zoom/Phone
  • Long distance healings
  • E-mail & text support
Since I began giving hands on energy healing in 2013, I have worked with clients on:
  • infertility and conception
  • relationship and family issues
  • anxiety, stress and depression
  • sexual issues
  • physical pain (back, stomach/digestive, shoulder and neck pain, migraines)
  • increasing clarity and reducing “foggy brain” syndrome and feelings of confusion
  • anger and aggression
  • creativity and life purpose

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