Practical information and paperwork


Important information & paperwork

IMG_5853If you already have an appointment, I ask that you to fill out some paperwork and return it to me duly completed at least 48 jours prior to our session.

The purpose of these forms is to help me assess your health history & patterns so that I may serve you better. This is strictly confidential information and includes questions about any special health regimen or medication you may be on.

There is also a consent form to be signed for treatment as part of the BHS principles of practice.

Please email me (or snail mail) me the duly completed intake-health form and your consent  48 hours prior to your appointment.

Payments can be made online before the session using Paypal, Revolut or by bank transfer. Please check the Book a session page for details.

Please also check my cancellation policy

I look forward to meeting you!