Long distance or remote healing

IMG_5924Long distance healings are brilliant for clients who are in a different location from the healer, are either ill and cannot/ do not travel, or prior to and post surgery.

And sometimes, it’s just about experiencing healing from  the comfort of your own home wherever you are in the world.

Long distance healings are not encumbered by physical limitations and are often easier and quite intensely experienced as the human energy field moves faster with less resistence from the “personality level”.

The quality of the healing is not negatively affected by physical distance as energy has no physical, geographical nor time limitations.

Long distance or remote healings usually include a 20 minute consultation (via phone or Zoom), a remote healing and an emailed report after the session.

As with in person healing sessions, clients may experience relief of any physical pain, relaxation, a sense of lightness and hope, increased clarity and a deeper connection to self.

Some of my in-person clients sometimes ask me “How do we connect?” or “How does long distance healing work?” before a scheduled appointment for a long distance session. Here is a client’s account on her first remote session with me.

So, in a nutshell, just like you would for an in-person session, please set aside a quiet time for yourself, maybe light a candle, set your intention for your healing. I will do the same. If you haven’t already, you may want to read Tips for self care and healing in advance and please see the FAQs section for more on combining treatments, number of sessions or for more on how long distance actaully works.

How do we connect? I usually connect with my clients prior to the healing for a brief time via Phone/ Zoom or FaceTime and then they settle down in their beds or a comfortable chair.  Depending on the time of day and the context, sometimes clients go to bed and experience the healing while asleep.

I send an email report within 24 hours of the healing.

If you are interested in remote healings, please get in touch.