a testimonial of a first experience in receiving long distance healing

Going from in person sessions to remote or online

In pre-Covid times, some of you were used to coming to see me in my practice for a healing or process facilitation session. It’s true, long distance healing can be a bit of a leap of faith.

However, as my client Jana found, switching from in-person hands-on healing to remote sessions can be surprising and presents some advantages…

“At the beginning I chose in-person sessions as I believed I really needed someone present with me while I’m in a process, someone to hold space for me or just look after me as I might feel vulnerable. The first time I decided to try a distant healing session was when I was working in Sweden for 9 days and it was important for me to continue having sessions every week. That session was a revelation as to what else is possible.

On the day of the session I was agitated and at moments felt powerless to do anything about it, I was struggling with work. Before the session I made sure I was comfortable and undisturbed in my hotel room, I had a quick chat over WhatsApp with Sandra and then she started. I focused on my breathing and feeling body sensations, inside and outside. Eventually I completely calmed down, the agitation was gone and I was able to feel which body parts or energy centres she was working on, and at some point I fell asleep, my body was tired. When I woke up I felt so much better, peaceful and relaxed, balanced and happy. A few hours later I received an email from Sandra, describing what she was experiencing during our session and what she was able to do for me, like a report. The descriptions were so vivid, I could see the images as I was reading and I knew exactly what she was referring to, even if the images were symbols. In the days after the session I felt changes in my perception of myself and others, it all made sense.

When I returned to London I decided to receive distant healing from Sandra again, twice. I loved it!

I was able to stay at home all day, I didn’t have to plan a commute, I had more time to prepare for the session, stay calm, chose an intention, commit to it and surrender. During the session I meditated until I felt sensations in my body where she was working. Again I fell asleep, probably after the session. And the healing report was again incredibly revealing and moving, it made me cry.

Since then distant healing sessions became my preferred choice. I still visit Sandra, but I also like to talk to her over the phone and exchange insights, it helps me even more to take good care of myself and choose an intention for next session. This has been an incredible journey for me so far and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Jana – London, England (picture above)

If you have any questions about remote or long distance healing and have not found an answer in the FAQ please e-mail or contact me!

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