I offer :

integrative therapy* online

one-to-one process facilitation or somatic work online (nervous system regulation, release of trauma held in the body)

energy healing sessions in person as well as long distance (connecting via Zoom) 

-in person myofascial release body work. 

*Please note that integrative therapy is in the form of weekly 50′ sessions.

Regardless of what format you choose, please know that I am committed to bringing all my knowledge, experience and who I am to our sessions. I recommend booking a clarity session or call to begin with so that we may define the best framework going forward. For details on my rates, please follow the booking link below.

Clarity session:

The relationship between counsellor and client plays a major role in therapy so making sure we are the right fit is important. That is why I recommend booking a clarity session to begin with.

During this clarity session you may ask any questions you may have about my practice and I can find out what has brought you here, and what you hope to get out of our work together.

If, at the end of this session, you feel that to continue would not be right for you, there is absolutely no obligation to move forward with me and I might be able to refer you to one of my colleagues or we might decide to reconnect at a later stage. If we agree to work together then we may begin to define the best framework going forward.

If we already have a first appointment and you need to fill in the paperwork,   please go to Practical information and paperwork  or check out the FAQs section and my cancellation policy.

To find out more or ask a question e-mail me.