fig-bowl-singWhen we do what we do in order to please others or because we believe it is what is expected from us, we can end up feeling resentful and overwhelmed, even angry.

When we somehow seem to be repeating the “same old, same old” again and again, we can get discouraged and a part of us might want to give up, feeling, that “no matter what, things never change”.

When we feel empty, drained, or “not enough” day after day, without exactly knowing why, life is so dissatisfying and exhausting…  it might be time for a change. And guess what? No need to do it all alone. Let me be on your team.

Often, our soul speaks through a kind of emotional malaise or physical ailments. Our higher self and our inner child find ways to be heard, giving us the opportunity to make a different choice, one which is more aligned with who we truly are. One step at a time.

Our life is our creation.  How do you wish to live yours? Can you dare to bring your immeasurable power to the world and to yourself? (even if right now, you might be wondering: what freakin’ power???) Do you long to let your heart sing, dive through your fear and come out the other end? Smiling? in-joy? happy and trusting?

If you are here, then there’s a reason and I would love to hear all about it and support you on your journey. I would love to help you shine.

If you would like to get in touch to ask a question or book a session, go ahead,  e-mail me

I so look forward to meeting you!

pic of testimony

I contacted Sandra during a very transformative period of my life brought on by the diagnosis of a congenital heart problem. My work with Sandra helped me navigate through some of my angst and fear about my symptoms. Sandra has been empathic, attentive and insightful about some of the more non-material dimensions of these experiences, such as their links with ancestral burden and intergenerational pain. The effects of our work has been multidimensional and included relief of physical symptoms (heart pain) and some very initiatory spiritual experiences/realisations right after my sessions.

I recommend Sandra if you’d like a very holistic approach to your healing journey.

Jason – London, England

Once I had the following sentence in my diary “When emotional abuse is a norm to your body how do you teach it that it can feel different, that I can be safe?”. For a long time this question was left unanswered and the only thing I had with me was hope and intuition that safety is somehow possible. After attending a workshop in body psychotherapy I was prompted to look for something different to the conventional ways of being with the body. Sandra’s welcoming energy was already visible in the ways she was communicating trough her web page and was confirmed the first time I met her. Being in her presence was soothing, regulating and inviting to go deeper in my own being. The ineffable nature of this experience is making it difficult to truthfully express what was happening for me while in Sandra’s healing hands and presence. But the only thing I know is that I finally have an answer to my question and I am curious what more I will discover on my journey with her.

Aleksandra – London, England