I was introduced to Sandra by a mutual friend and as it usually happens, her suggestion happened right at a time in my life where I felt great confusion and sort of blocked, especially creatively. I was also going through some health problems that seemed to linger even though I was doing my best to heal. In other words, perfect timing.

I had always been attracted by energy work but working with Sandra was my first experience of it, and a great one too. At the beginning of each session, she makes sure she has the full 411 about whatever is going on or is bothering you or is on your mind. Every session has been different for me in terms of ‘treatment’ and outcome. I’ve definitely felt freer and more balanced since I started seeing her, some things just flow more naturally and I am also more confident to accept how I feel and to let myself be. As a matter of fact, it’s not only a physical experience but also an emotional and psychological one. Sandra also tries to tackle any thought processes that might be affecting you in a negative way, which is always very helpful as sometimes we don’t even notice how enclosed we are in them.

My favorite part is definitely the energy work itself: it’s like meditation for me but with waves of energy shifting in certain areas of your body. It is fun and humbling too. At the end it’s also been very useful to talk about it with her, she always has insights, reflections or feedback in general that can be useful for the days following the session.

I would most definitely recommend Sandra! She is open-minded, calm, knowledgeable, and sensitive. Her studio is peaceful and bright and she always makes sure you’re 100% comfortable. All the sessions have been profound, introspective and I have considered them as a gift I have given myself. I think anybody with some kind of ‘blockage’ would benefit from her work, from health to creativity to personal issues. Thank you Sandra!

Giada – Italy