In today’s hurried world, everyone feels rushed, stressed or anxious at one point or another, often leading to negative symptoms in overall well-being. Issues from the past, too, can be carried forward to manifest into the physical discomforts of today. Such was the case with me and was why I sought to see Sandra.

I’d been living with some stressful issues for quite awhile, but I didn’t realize just how tightly wound I’d become until after my first session with her. There was such a feeling of lightness afterwards, as if I’d been lifted of a burden that I’d been carrying for a long time. It was a definite and positive shift in energy. And that’s a good way to describe Sandra: she’s an energy-shifter.

I’ve found each following session with Sandra to be a profound experience, and always thought provoking. There’s been a healing and a balancing of the whole…physical, emotional and spiritual…as well as a greater understanding of self. Though already introspective as a person, working with Sandra has given me more clarity in seeing the links from the past…relationships and life experiences…and how they relate to my present state of being.

I cannot speak highly enough of Sandra. As an energetic healer, she exudes a feeling of peace and calm. Her studio is a haven from the frenetic world outside, and the time and space she makes for her clients is theirs alone. She doesn’t fill your time with idle chatter nor allow interruptions; she concentrates on you with kindness, compassion and caring professionalism. Over the years, I’ve tried other alternative therapies such as reiki, pranotherapy, acupuncture and network spinal analysis, but I’ve never encountered anyone who makes such an overall difference on the whole person as does Sandra. I’m truly grateful for the help she’s given me.

Melinda – Milan, Italy