Once I had the following sentence in my diary “When emotional abuse is a norm to your body how do you teach it that it can feel different, that I can be safe?”. For a long time this question was left unanswered and the only thing I had with me was hope and intuition that safety is somehow possible. After attending a workshop in body psychotherapy I was prompted to look for something different to the conventional ways of being with the body. Sandra’s welcoming energy was already visible in the ways she was communicating trough her web page and was confirmed the first time I met her. Being in her presence was soothing, regulating and inviting to go deeper in my own being. The ineffable nature of this experience is making it difficult to truthfully express what was happening for me while in Sandra’s healing hands and presence. But the only thing I know is that I finally have an answer to my question and I am curious what more I will discover on my journey with her.

Aleksandra – London, England