After collecting some references, I contacted Sandra to work on health issues, lack of self-confidence, depression. I had a great need to rescue back my life balance.
I was under heavy medication, with problems sleeping, feeling depressed, attached to destructive thoughts and in pain. All this resulted in a lack of balance in my life.

During our work together, I learned to take care of myself, in a broad sense, how to react to specific situations that were triggering painful patterns in my life.
For me, Sandra’s approach -orienting me to see what was helpful for me and what was not, with good examples, metaphores and open and honest conversation – really worked.

I would recommend her to any person who is in great need of help because of the effectiveness of her therapy ; it helped me to be a better person, especially with myself.

Perhaps the greatest aspect of her work is the fact that she teaches you how to take care of yourself, in a finite amount of time, in addition to the fact that she is lovely 😉

WPL – London, England