Rigorous training

The Professional Studies Program that certifies one as a BHS Practitioner consists of 4 Year Undergraduate Professional Studies Diploma Program
Area of Study Description Hours
Brennan Healing Science Healing skills and techniques 295
Psycho-Spiritual Development Student’s unique personal journey of self-awareness & transformation 234
Creative Arts Unfolding core creative expression 177
Professional Practice Supports students in developing a professional practice after graduation 96
Integrative Care Integration of energy healing skills with the physical body, teaches self-care skills, Healing Medicine & Disease (HMD) lectures 120
Integrative Distance Learning Modules (DLMs) Homework submitted between classes, 28 in total 1,200
Anatomy and Physiology Fundamental study of anatomy and physiology 80
Personal Process Sessions Sessions outside of the school with a therapist of choice but with credentials that meet the school’s requirements minimum 72
*Total Hours: 2,274

*Please note that the areas of study are the same for each year. However, the requirements for passing increase each year, starting in Year 2; and each year students are challenged to take their process even deeper. As a result, by the end of the 4 year program, the practitioner has a achieved a high level of proficiency in energy healing.

BHS Practitioners are highly trained healers and have completed over 2000 hours of coursework. The undergraduate four year Professional Studies Program consists of 20 course weeks (5 to 6 day course weeks), a 2 week anatomy and physiology course, 28 DLMs, and a minimum of 72 personal process sessions. During the fourth year, students are required to write a project paper and present a written and oral case study. Throughout the course of the program, students work with approximately 100 practice clients. The DLMs include written reflections of one’s work with these practice clients as well as one’s personal process and journey of transformation. These assignments are submitted between course weeks. Thus throughout the year the learning is continuous and deepens outside of the classroom.

Students also are required to work with a therapist or supervisor. They must complete at least 72 hours of personal process sessions or individual counseling with a recognized psychotherapist or Brennan Integration Practitioner® (BIP). This is a key component of the training since these sessions help students heal core wounds and move beyond blocks in their development; allowing them to become effective guides in the healing journey of others.

In addition to the Professional Studies Diploma, the school offers a Bachelor of Science Degree and a diploma in Advanced Studies / Brennan Integration Work. The Advanced Studies coursework has the same components as the undergraduate program. However, the Advanced Studies work goes to an even deeper level of understanding. Students in this program are taught how to facilitate the process of individuals and groups. Once students complete their training, they may act as Brennan Integration Practitioners (BIPs) for those currently enrolled in the school, or they may facilitate the personal process of clients in private practice. BIP sessions are highly integrative and engaging making the client a very active participant in his or her healing process.