Soulful salon sessions

There are no scheduled events at this time, however there is a plan in gestation…

A fortnightly or monthly 90 minute group facilitated by me “soulful salon sessions” for women and men to sit together (on zoom for now) and share soul searches, connections, longings and wisdom.

For enquiries, questions or to let me know if you would be interested, please either email me or fill out a contact form. Limited numbers. Thank you.

Passed events:

Healing through song

Opening our throats, our lungs and sharing our vibrations in community!

I am hosting a free “healing through song” on Zoom every Monday at 10am BST/11am CET during these Coronatimes.

Here is the link. Please note Zoom has now made passwords mandatory. To access please join me on Zoom at the time of the event and use the password lovelove.

Singing opens the lungs, clears the throat, lets our particular vibration be heard and felt far and wide and unites us in spirit… it’s powerful stuff. The cleansing joy of singing has been a constant in my life and I would like to share it with you. So if you feel called, come and sing with me. No need to sign up but if you would like to let me know just email me or let me know on my FaceBook page

Absolutely no experience required, just show up if you feel called by clicking on the above link on Monday at 10am BST/ 11am CET during these #coronatimes.




Embodied Boundaries – February 20th / March 14th*- a fun and experiential one-day workshop in Milan, Italy. 

*The March 14th workshop has been postponed due to the outbreak of Covid19. At this time, no new date has been set.

If you would like to find out more about one of the upcoming events or to put in a request, please email me.